Next Up: Change the Game, New York City 2014!

We’re thrilled to announce we will be bringing Change the Game to New York City this Spring.  We will be sending out a save the date very soon with everything you’ll need to know.

For participant updates, new sport system re-design examples, and more fun Change the Game info, please refer to our Facebook page.

Register here.

April 24: 8:30AM – 5PM
April 25: 8:30AM – 1PM
NYU: Wasserman Room: 133 East 13th Street 2nd Floor

If you have any questions you can reach us at Center AT Up2Us DOT org

Looking forward to seeing your faces, new and old at Change the Game NYC!


John from the Hollenbeck Youth Center will be at Change the Game!

The Hollenbeck Youth Center and Inner-City Games Los Angeles creates opportunities for inner-city youth to participate in athletic, educational, cultural and community enrichment programs.  Founded after riots tore through East LA barrios in the 1970s, the Hollenbeck Police Business Council (a joint collaboration between local businessmen and the LAPD police force in Hollenbeck) and Hollenbeck Youth Center have remained committed to the primary goal of preventing violence by deterring kids from gang and criminal activities. The Youth Center reaches thousands of children annually through innovative recreation, education and entrepreneur programs designed to decrease crime by instilling a strong sense of value and purpose in young people.

John Jason, a Coordinator at the Hollenbeck Youth Center works mostly with young people engaged in boxing, basketball, and karate.  We’re looking forward to developing re-designs for decreasing youth violence and gang participation with John!

Learn more about the Hollenbeck Youth Center hereHYC.

St. Sebastian Sports Project LA is registered to Change The Game

The Saint Sebastian Sports Project was founded in 2008 by Jim and Clare Gurbach. Their kids played in CYO leagues. They noticed kids from other under-resourced areas in Los Angeles had amazing talent, but lacked the basics of uniforms and equipment. The Gurbach’s established Saint Sebastian Sports Project as a way to level the playing field raising funds for these under-resourced areas.


Now, the Saint Sebastian Sports Project supports sports programs in over 20 Catholic elementary schools in and around the Los Angeles Archdiocese. Hundreds of Catholic school students across the southland have had the opportunity to experience the fun– and the life lessons– that come from being a member of a sports team.

We are excited for one of the founders, Clare Gurbach, to be joining us for Change The Game. You can find more information on the Saint Sebastian Sports project here.

Diandra from Brotherhood Crusade is ready to change their game

Brotherhood Crusade was founded in 1968 with the mission of building an institution that raises funds and resources within the community to give back to the community. Their services include everything from business enrichment to sports to even financial literacy programs. In their youth Imagedevelopment programs, each youth enrolled in the program is assessed on an academic, social, and physical level to determine which program is best suited for them. Participants receive free programing and their families even receive free health services.

They are extremely passionate about reducing the gang violence in  Los Angeles. In partnership with the LA Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD) they developed programs targeting youth in 8th, 9th, and 10th grade who have a 75% risk factor of joining gangs. Their mentor and me, sports, and arts programs provide ways to engage these youth and increase their academic performance.

We’re excited that Diandra Bremond, Director of Sports Programs, will be joining us from Brotherhood Crusade! Check out Brotherhood Crusade here.

Tyrone from After School All-Stars LA is Registered for Change the Game!

After School All Stars LA program sites (in schools) have a three pillar approach to educating, enlightening and inspiring children to their fullest potential.  These pillars are: Visual and Performing Arts; Heath, Nutrition and Physical Fitness; Leadership, Character Development & Community Service Learning.

all-star-and-nintendo-109The Health, Nutrition and Physical Fitness programs intentionally offer activities that are attractive to students with varying levels of physical fitness, personal preference, past experiences and different skills.Participants may choose from an array of activities in the areas of performing arts, culinary arts, team sports and non-traditional tournaments. More traditional offerings include basketball, football, baseball, soccer and cheerleading. Other innovative activities include skateboarding, capoiera, track and field, yoga, and fencing.  Each activity works to address fitness and healthy living.  Corporate partnerships enable ASAS-LA to serve a healthy snack at programming as well.

Tyrone Dinneen, After School All Stars LA Program Director will be representing the organization at Change the Game.  ASAS-LA serves over 8,000 students daily at 44 schools located in at-risk areas throughout LA County – we’re hopeful Change the Game can impact all of these students!

Learn more about After School All Stars LA here.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation is Sending Maya Oubre to Change the Game!

Maya Oubre is the Manager of Healthy Out-of-School Time Initiative in LA for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation (AHG).  The AHG works with schools, companies, community organizations, healthcare professionals and families to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity and to empower kids to develop lifelong, healthy habits.  AHG has a variety of initiatives in school, out of school, in businesses and at the doctor to reach this goal.  Maya comes from the out of school time arm of the organization. AHG works with out-of-school time providers around the country to create healthy environments where youth can eat better and move more. The Healthy Out-of-School Time Framework combines Alliance best practices with healthy eating and physical activity standards to create a guide for communities nationwide to transform the areas where kids spend their time before school, after school, and during school breaks.



We’re looking forward to having a representative of a national organization working for better outcomes for kids through physical activity!

Learn more about The Alliance for a Healthier Generation here.

Southern California Crossroads Joins In Changing The Game

Mike, Ben, and Darwin from Southern California Crossroads just registered to attend the Change The Game Conference! SoCal Crossroads was created to assist under privileged youth Imagewho come from low income families in violence plagued communities. Their objective is to lead them to a healthy, peaceful and productive lifestyle through prevention, intervention and re-entry services. Crossroads serves youth in elementary, middle and high school offering a range of programming including: mentoring, film and media, tutoring, and sports and fitness. Programming focuses on youth violence prevention including gang violence and bullying. Crossroads empower program participants and has seen reduced gang participation and improved academic performance.

We’re excited for the SoCal Crossroads Team to join us! They bring a lot of great experience around youth violence prevention to the conference. Check out a few of their PSAs they created around youth violence prevention here.