Welcome Change the Game Mentors Diana Cutaia and Lee Jones!

Change the Game is going to be a new kind of conference.  Assisting the conference facilitators will be mentors who have extensive experience altering the sport environment in a variety of contexts.

Diana Cutaia is the Director of Athletics and Sports-Based Initiatives at Wheelock College in Boston.  In addition to expanding athletic participation significantly at Wheelock, Diana has won numerous accolades for her advocacy for equal sports opportunities for all.  At Wheelock, she has instituted unique new policies including encouraging community service projects from all Varsity athletes and developed the sports-based youth development academic program. Diana has been changing the game for college athletics by focusing more on character development than winning even among elite athletes.

Learn more about Diana and Wheelock College Athletics here.

Lee Jones is the Director of Programs for the Youth Foundation in Eagle County, Colorado. Lee is among a small number of coaches in Colorado with multiple highest level referee and coaching licenses. Lee oversees the Youth Foundation’s unique combination of exposure and specialization programs.  Youth are exposed to expert instruction in more than 25 activities and are then given the opportunity to specialize in those activities about which they are most passionate.  Through this innovative model, the Youth Foundation has been able to help close the academic achievement gap in their partner schools, dramatically increase the physical activity that youth receive, and create some of the most highly acclaimed (and most competitive!) sports leagues in the state.

Learn more about Lee and the Youth Foundation here.

We’re looking forward to having Diana and Lee as mentors at Change the Game in April! 


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