Newest Attendees: Chris Lynch and Becky Nyce from Squashbusters!

 Squashbusters, the pioneer in the urban squash movement, is coming to Change the Game!  Squashbusters began offering squash, academic support, and service learning to Boston and Cambridge middle school students beginning in 1996.  By maintaining a small group, Squashbusters has been able to impact significant change in its participants.  The first year of Squashbusters participants graduated from high school with an 84% matriculation rate into four-year colleges.  Currently celebrating 15 years of high-quality SBYD programming, Squashbusters has expanded but still holds true to its originally model.  Ratios of students to staff or volunteers are low: 1:1 for tutoring and 1:6 for squash.  Representing Squashbusters at Change the Game will be Becky Nyce, Program Director and SBYD veteran along with Chris Lynch, Chief Operating Officer at Squashbusters and former director of the Boston Youth Sports Initiative (BYSI), a network-building effort that increased the quality, scale, and sustainability of all urban youth sports programs in the city of Boston.  We’re honored to have these SBYD celebrities contributing their experience at Change the Game!

Learn more about Squashbusters here.


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