Jim Presbrey from Academics in Motion!

Academics in Motion (AIM) is instituting and advancing a holistic youth development program that uses sports participation as a developmental catalyst for 1,400 public school students in underperforming New York City schools and their communities.  AIM works within the framework of NYC schools and partners with athletic teams to address widespread mentorship gap for underprivileged youths. Youth Development Coaches (YDCs) are certified mentors who work individually with students 20 hours per week throughout the year. AIM prioritizes rigorous evaluation of its program and boasts some impressive outcomes: In 2007-08, 98% of AIM seniors graduated on time and participants had a 96.8% annual attendance rate in schools where 65% attendance is the norm.

Jim Presbrey, Vice President, Secretary and Co-Founder, will be representing AIM at Change the Game.  Jim has extensive coaching, counseling, and non-profit experience.  He is currently completing his doctorate at Temple University and has an advanced degree in Counseling Psychology from Springfield College. Looking forward to having Jim’s unique expertise at Change the Game!

Learn more about Academics in Motion here.


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