Pete Fleming, Co-Founder of Kick 4 Life

Kick 4 Life was founded in 2005 by brothers Pete Steve Fleming and has since focused its efforts in Lesotho in southern Africa, delivering a range of projects focused on tackling HIV through sports-based health education, voluntary testing, life-skills development and support into education and employment.  Kick 4 Life is also passionate about spreading awareness about the power of sport to incite positive change. To achieve this, Kick 4 Life is an active member in several international networks including Football for Hope, streetfootballworld and Laureus.

Some of K4L’s most interesting initiatives are a growing range of social enterprise activities which offer participants the opportunity to gain valuable experience, as well as generating sustainable income for ongoing programme delivery. This includes the ReCYCLE Scheme through which children living on the streets have the chance to earn funds towards school fees and equipment by collecting recyclable waste from subscribing customers. It is the first recycling scheme in Lesotho.

Pete who is located in the US, will be representing this impressive organization at Change the Game!

Learn more about Lesotho’s Football for Hope Centre and curriculum here.


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