Upward Sports sends Nathan Holm and William Blanton to Change the Game!

Upward Sports partners with around 2600 local churches to provide first-class, organized and welcoming  basketball, soccer, flag football and cheerleading leagues and camps. Upward Sports is the world’s largest Christian sports league for kids: it has become the place to play fun sports for over half a million families in the United States and Canada. Upward Sports focuses on family-friend sporting environments. With just a one-hour practice and one-hour game each week, leagues conveniently fit into busy family schedules. Additionally, Upward Sports has moved away from the long-distance travel and hectic schedules many youth sports organizations have embraced to running just one practice and one game locally per week.  Nathan Holm, the Leagues and Camps Specialist for Upward Sports will be attending Change the Game.  Nathan has extensive basketball coaching experience in addition to working with Upward Sports. William Blanton is the Soccer Development Specialist at Upwards Sports, Will brings significant soccer coaching experience to Change the Game.

Learn more about Upward Sports here.


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