MetroLacrosse brings entire programming team!

In addition to Christine Bolger, Program Director, MetroLacrosse will be bringing new CEO, Mike Levin, High School Program Manager, Beth Riley, and Assistant Program Managers and Coach Across America Coaches, Katy and Elaine, to Change the Game! This dynamic team brings varied athletic and SBYD experience.

Mike has worked in a variety of roles at Metro before taking up the role as CEO this March.  Mike is a former ivy-league and professional lacrosse player who brings a unique passion to the sport and it’s power to help kids.  Beth started at MetroLacrosse as a Coach Across America Coach and has since moved up to directing the high school program and coaching the girls’ team.  Beth is responsible for working with players’ families and connecting players to additional opportunities such as camps, job shadowing, SAT prep, and more.  Katy and Elaine both played college lacrosse, Katy at The University of North Carolina and Elaine at the College of Wooster.  Both Coaches bring an enthusiasm and passion for the sport of lacrosse and youth development.


So excited to have MetroLacrosse at Change the Game!


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