First Change the Game LA Participant: Falcons Youth and Family Services!


Great news! Keith Johnson, co-founder of Southern California Falcons Youth Football and Cheer Program in 2005 has registered for Change the Game.  The Falcons Youth and Family Services (FYFS) organization is a natural progression from Falcons Youth Football and Cheer.  Capitalizing on the power of the coach and player relationship to change kids’ lives, FYFS  uses sports as a vehicle to introduce and reinforce the concept of strong character, positive values, personal responsibility, social responsibility and academic excellence.  In a just a few short years, FYFS has received numerous accolades and been featured in many news sources.
Following the motto of “Teaching news school kids old school values” FYFS boasts an incredibly strong organizational culture across a variety of programs focusing on character development for young men and women, health improvement and obesity reduction programs, mentoring programs, and more. We’re incredibly excited to have Keith from FYFS at Change the Game!

Learn more about FYFS here:


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