Bruce Hooks, Director of Athletics for Heart of Los Angeles is ready for Change the Game!

Rugby1-150x150Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) provides arts, athletic, and academic programming to youth in the Rampart community who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to experience high-quality after-school instruction in their over-burdened and under-resourced schools. Through HOLA’s unique partnership with the LA City Recreation and Parks Department, students living in poverty have much needed green space – a state of the art field turf soccer field, outdoor basketball courts, and a brand new gym. These facilities open year round offering a safe space to students whenever they need one.


HOLA is the co-founder of the Central City Athletic Association (CCAA), which provides basketball and soccer leagues to Los Angeles Youth.  HOLA also offers other physical activity and fitness programs in a variety of sports to youth on their campus in Lafayette Park. HOLA offers comprehensive programming to help send its students to colleges across the nation.  We’re looking forward to having Bruce, the Director of Athletics, at Change the Game to amplify the impact HOLA is already having on so many kids through sports system re-design.

Learn more about HOLA here. 


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