CoachArt Team Coming to Change the Game!


CoachArt is a unique organization serving children in Los Angeles fighting chronic illness and their siblings.  In partnership with many volunteers, art, and sport organizations, CoachArt provides free lessons in music, art, yoga, photography, dance, soccer, and more.  CoachArt offers these opportunities in a variety of settings to reach the most children.  Programs are offered through outpatient mentoring, activity clinics, in-hospital workshops, and community events. Patients can choose their preferred activity and CoachArt will place them in a partner organization for once-a-week sessions for 12 weeks, at absolutely no cost.  Children are welcome to re-register for an activity after the 12 week period has ended if they enjoyed it.
Representing CoachArt are Mayra, Hector, and Pedro. Mayra is a Mentor Youth Coordinator, Hector is the Programs Supervisor, and Pedro is the Volunteer Supervisor.  This dynamic team is a great addition to the Change the Game so they can learn more about training their mentors to work with the special population served by CoachArt.

Learn more about CoachArt here.


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