STOKED Mentoring will be at Change the Game!

STOKED uses action sports – surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding – as a catalyst for change in young people. STOKED believes action sports provide perfect framework for self-expression, self-discipline, creativity, and interpersonal skills, all of which are key to succeed in today’s world.  Using these three sports, STOKED provides a college and career readiness program through their after school enrichment program, weekend action sports mentoring, and a community service program.

stockedSTOKED has served over 3000 youth since 2005, provided over 66,000 hours of mentoring, and has seen the positive results: 100% of principals say their students who are involved with STOKED have greater academic engagement and STOKED youth are 40% more active than other youth not in the program.

Kathryn James-Jolly, Program Coordinator, and Charlie Phillips, Operations and Outreach Manager are representing STOKED at Change the Game. We’re looking forward to having representatives from non-traditional sports to explore the power of sport system re-design.

Learn more about STOKED here. .


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