Tyrone from After School All-Stars LA is Registered for Change the Game!

After School All Stars LA program sites (in schools) have a three pillar approach to educating, enlightening and inspiring children to their fullest potential.  These pillars are: Visual and Performing Arts; Heath, Nutrition and Physical Fitness; Leadership, Character Development & Community Service Learning.

all-star-and-nintendo-109The Health, Nutrition and Physical Fitness programs intentionally offer activities that are attractive to students with varying levels of physical fitness, personal preference, past experiences and different skills.Participants may choose from an array of activities in the areas of performing arts, culinary arts, team sports and non-traditional tournaments. More traditional offerings include basketball, football, baseball, soccer and cheerleading. Other innovative activities include skateboarding, capoiera, track and field, yoga, and fencing.  Each activity works to address fitness and healthy living.  Corporate partnerships enable ASAS-LA to serve a healthy snack at programming as well.

Tyrone Dinneen, After School All Stars LA Program Director will be representing the organization at Change the Game.  ASAS-LA serves over 8,000 students daily at 44 schools located in at-risk areas throughout LA County – we’re hopeful Change the Game can impact all of these students!

Learn more about After School All Stars LA here.


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