John from the Hollenbeck Youth Center will be at Change the Game!

The Hollenbeck Youth Center and Inner-City Games Los Angeles creates opportunities for inner-city youth to participate in athletic, educational, cultural and community enrichment programs.  Founded after riots tore through East LA barrios in the 1970s, the Hollenbeck Police Business Council (a joint collaboration between local businessmen and the LAPD police force in Hollenbeck) and Hollenbeck Youth Center have remained committed to the primary goal of preventing violence by deterring kids from gang and criminal activities. The Youth Center reaches thousands of children annually through innovative recreation, education and entrepreneur programs designed to decrease crime by instilling a strong sense of value and purpose in young people.

John Jason, a Coordinator at the Hollenbeck Youth Center works mostly with young people engaged in boxing, basketball, and karate.  We’re looking forward to developing re-designs for decreasing youth violence and gang participation with John!

Learn more about the Hollenbeck Youth Center hereHYC.


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