Boston 2012


Friday, April 27
8:00 – Registration, light continental breakfast
9:00 – Introduction to Sports System re-Design
10:45 – Coffee Break
11:00 – Sports System re-Design in Action
12:45 – Lunch
1:30 – Beginning to re-Design for Outcomes
3:10 – Coffee Break
3:30 – re-Design Think Tank
4:45 – Day 1 Conclusion
Optional drinks and networking at:
Beacon Street Tavern 
From 6:30 PM
Saturday, April 28
8:00 – re-Designed Breakfast
9:00 – Formalizing and Convincing Others of your re-Design
10:45 – Coffee Break
11:00 – Next steps for Sports System re-Design
12:00 – Conference Conclusion
12:30 – Lunch

2012 Conference Mentors

Rahul Brahmbatt, Magic Bus USA
Dean Conway, JP Youth Soccer
Diana Cutaia, Wheelock College
Lee Jones, The Youth Foundation
Brian McCormick, Playmakers Basketball League
John Passarini, Salem State University

Conference Participants

Vanessa LoVerme Akhtar, Boston University
Max Alderman, Brookside Community Health Center
Noam Angrist, Amphibious Achievement
Amy Baltzell, Boston University
Justin Barrasso, Peabody Recreation Department
Eileen Barrer, MetroLacrosse
Anna Barrett, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
Caitlin Barrett, Coach Across America
Megan Bartlett, Up2Us
Lou Bergholz, Edgework Consulting
Daniel Bernstein, Backyard Sports
William Blanton, Upward Sports
Christine Bolger, MetroLacrosse
Rahul Brahmbhatt, Magic Bus USA
Mike Brown, Edgework Consulting
Richard Butler, USRowing
Deane Calcagni, The Chill Foundation
Greg Cartin, Boston University
Rob Castaneda, Beyond the Ball
Brian Cognato, PeacePlayers International
David Cohen, Doc Wayne Athletic League
Diana Colon, Boston University
Dean Conway, JP Youth Soccer
Rebekaj Conway Roulier, Doc Wayne Athletic League
Mark Crandal, Hoops4Hope
Ziba Cranmer, Cone Inc.
Diana Cutaia, Wheelock College
Rob DiBernardo, Boston University
Taylor Downs, Vera Solutions
Andy Driska, Michigan State University
Sara Duncan, Crim Fitness Foundation
Christine Emery, Emarc
Ariel Esqueda, Jamestown Community Center
Fritz Ettl, Boston University
Francesca Ferrante, Boston University
Katy Fitzgerald, MetroLacrosse
Pete Fleming, Kick4Life
Kirk Friedrich, Grassroot Soccer
Patrick Garrity, Harvard Kennedy School
Caitlin Geddes, Sport in Society
Steve Giangiulio, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp
Susan Golbe, Up2Us
Daniel Gould, Michigan State University
Margie Gozdiff, Edgework Consulting
Ricardhy Grandoit, Sport in Society
Anne Greenbaum, Sportmen’s Tennis Club
Nathan Holm, Upward Sports
Bratzo Horruitiner, The Youth Foundation
Dave Hurley, Boston University
Helen Jolley, Boston Fencing Club
Lee Jones, The Youth Foundation
George Kent, Special Olympics Massachusetts
Sam Klein, Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership
Megan LaBella, Boston University
Andrew Lafrenz, Boston University
Mike Levin, MetroLacrosse
Alison Levy, Boston University
Ross Lilley, AccesSportAmerica
Beverly Lipsey, Varsity Rower
Jessica Lipsey, Edgework Consulting
Gabriel Margolic, Boston University
Joseph Maryanski, Boys & Club of Woburn
John McCarthy, Boston University
Brian McCormick, Playmakers Basketball League
Mary McVeigh, Soccer Without Borders
Evandro Miranda, Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester
Tariq Mohammed, Kidsquash Inc.
Stephanie Moore, Holyoke Rows
Jean-Christophe Moran, SIT Graduate Institute
Mark Mulvanity, Emarc
Eren Munir, Edgework Consulting
Adam Naylor, Boston University
Becky Nyce, SquashBusters
Kip O’Rourke-Brown, Play Rugby USA
Caleb Olson, Street Soccer USA
John Passarini, Salem State University
Claire Perry, Coach Across America
David Rak, Boston University
Kelly Rider, Boston University
Joe Roberts, Terrier Sports
Justine Siegal, Sport in Society
Ben Slaughter, Play Rugby USA
Scott Solberg, Boston University
Rich Souto, Harlem RBI
Bill Steinroder, Boston University
Shayne Stump-O’Brien, Boston University
Jeff Stupik, Boys & Girls Club of Metro West
Jacob Sydney, Camp Bauercrest
Marquis Taylor, Community Rowing
Stephanie Taylor, The Chill Foundation
Josh Trautwein, Soccer1
Lindsey Whitford, Soccer Without Borders
Julie Younes, Coach Across America